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Kalidas Deshpande of Vinayak Netralaya - A comprehensive Eye-Care Hospital

Kalidas Deshpande

I teach English communication skills in various business schools in Pune. When I noticed that I could not drive my car, especially at night, I made a few changes in my head lamps, but again the problem remained unsolved. I went for eye checkup and Dr. Aniruddha Joshi told me that I have developed cataract for both the eyes. Being in early fifties I thought that I was too young for cataract. He explained to me that cataract operation is to be done. I was scared as I had never been operated before. I admitted myself and it took only half an hour for the operation. As I opened my eyes I could see many details with my naked eyes. I was spellbound ! I decided to operate the second eye at once. Now I have 6/6 vision and am fully aware, what I was missing. Thanks to Dr. Aniruddha Joshi, who opened a lost world for me! I am indeed grateful to him!

Madhav Vaze of Vinayak Netralaya - A comprehensive Eye-Care Hospital Madhav Y. Vaze

I am one of the many patients of dear Dr. Auiruddha Joshi. He has operated my both eyes for cataract problem and now I am completely free from eye problems. I specifically write my opinion because I have developed a friendly relation with him. His way of treating the patients is really praiseworthy as is his personality. The patient is cured partially by the doctor's attitude, politeness and sweet tounge which this young doctor holds. The entire staff of his clinic is praiseworthy. I wish him a successful career and prosperous future.

TAMHANKAR of Vinayak Netralaya - A comprehensive Eye-Care Hospital

Avinash Tamhankar

A Good Vision of a Good Eye surgeon
Would you believe, if somebody tells you that 'Cataract Surgery' for both the eyes can be done just within the span of only 10 days?
Yes it is so. My own experience with a very good doctor, Dr. Aniruddha Joshi, M.B.B.S.D.O.M.S. a doctor with a very kind heart for the seniors and elderly people. No running around, no repeated payments, no long waiting hours every time your visit. What it is?
1) One call for the appointment and it is done. 1st visit includes Computerized Eye Testing and confirmation of cataract.
2) Information on entire process, of eye surgery including the cost of lens implant Rs. 6,000/- onwards for non foldable and Rs. 12,000/- onwards for foldable lens.
3) This package cost includes:
    a) Pre and post surgery medicines and eye drops.
    b) Cost of lens and surgery charges.
    c) Fixing of lens size before surgery.
    d) Eye-drops for the entire period of about month.
    e) Eye testing on the day of surgery (Evening or next day).
    f) 4th, 15th and 21st day eye-testing and a lens number.
    g) Eye drops for the entire period in a nice container and time schedule for the eye drops.

A) Points to stress are:
  a) Dr. Joshi is very informal, gives you most of the information you need to know.
  b) Clears the doubts if you have any.
  c) Payment is accepted by cheque and only after the surgery.
  d) Follows a strict time schedule.
  d) The patient and his relatevies are informed and consent is taken prior to surgery.
  e) Pathology test facility available at the clinic.
  f) New spectacles can be made at the clinic.

SANJIVANI DESHMUKH of Vinayak Netralaya - A comprehensive Eye-Care Hospital

Sanjeevani Deshmukh

Sanjeevani Deshmukh of Vinayak Netralaya - A comprehensive Eye-Care Hospital